Are You Getting Ready For Your Best Friend\\\’s Wedding?

It is exciting when friends and close cousins get married. Even if you are next on the line or not participating as a guest or, better yet, as a maid of honour can be an exhilarating experience. Apart from the religious rituals and any other related stuff, the photographs, dancing, fun and the specialtywith the uniqueness of the day will be remembered forever.

Get ready early

If it is not a sudden wedding you would know the date prior. Therefore you have ample time to get ready. Of course if you are the maid of honour or one of the bridesmaids then you will have a common dress with the rest of the group. When you are going to choose the dresses it is best if all of you go there because you have to choose a common colour which matches all of your skin and hair colours. If a beautician helps you with getting dressed on the wedding day that will be fine. Even if not you should have a proper plan of the level and the types of makeup you will be using; this will largely depend on the photography as well. If you have planned to have a shoot outside such as in the beach or in a park in the sun you will have to wear different makeup and using things such as lady black eyelash glue than if you have planned a photo shoot within a building. 

Watch your weight

Not to discourage anybody but it is important that you be in shape for a maid or simply, in general life. Without suddenly starting to use a gym,walk or run and expect to lose weight closer to the wedding day you can keep a good workout schedule for your day-to-day activities. If you do not have time to go to a gym, make sure you at least walk 3 to 5 kilometers per day. This can be your work to office or college walk; it could also be cycling. However you must engage in aerobic exercises at least once in awhileto work out all the muscles in your body including your heart. It is also important to watch what you eat, at least closer to the wedding to put on weight; avoid an abundance of sweet stuff and fatty food.

Have a common plan

It is important that you do not think to compete with your maids. If you are part of the group, work in cooperation. Talk to them to have a date set which is convenient to everybody for buying a dress, go to a seamstress if you want to alter the dresses, meet with the photographer and perhaps a beautician and so on. Help the bride with whatever that needs to be done for the wedding day. However make sure you and the group do not have a lot of responsibilities on the day itself because you will be needed in other places for different special activities. Share the beauty secrets, good lash trays and give constructive criticism about their dresses, shoes,jewelry and makeup.